Local jobs keep local communities alive

Without major regional employers like Australian Paper, the economies in the Latrobe Valley and Shoalhaven area would decline. Suppliers to the mills would be adversely affected as would all the shops, services, community organisations and Government departments that work in the area. Communities break down as people move away. It’s pretty simple really. Without local jobs rural communities wither and die.

Australian Paper can quantify the economic, social and environmental value for every tonne of paper we produce. By choosing Australian Paper products, such as Reflex paper, over imported ones, often from uncertified and unsustainable sources, the Australian economy gets the benefit. Australian jobs are protected and paper users can be sure they are purchasing sustainable products that are made to world-class environmental standards.

In 2010, Australian Paper contributed more than $500 million to the Australian economy, with around $390 million of this directly contributing to the regional economies in which the company operates.

For the people of the Latrobe Valley and Shoalhaven area, local jobs keep their community strong.

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