Environmental sustainability is absolutely fundamental to Australian Paper’s operations. So when you choose a product like Reflex from Australian Paper, you can rest assured that you are buying paper that is produced to the high standards of third party certification.

When people think paper they think trees. Which is why we are a long-term supporter of both Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) certification for fibre sourcing and hold Chain of Custody certification in both standards. Wood fibre is a renewable resource with almost two thirds of Australian Paper’s fibre sourced from plantation and recycled sources. The remainder is AFS certified regrowth wood from managed state forests sourced through the Victorian Government, as well as sawmill waste. But trees are not the only issue. For the latest updates on our environmental programs.

Efficient Water and Energy Use

Water is a key resource in paper production and reducing the amount of water we take into our mills is a high priority for Australian Paper. At Maryvale we have reduced the amount of water used per tonne of paper we produce by more than 60% since 1980, by reusing and recycling water in the production process. And we’ve invested heavily in order to do the same with our energy needs.

Australian Paper has minimised the amount of energy sourced from the electricity grid, with only 7% of Maryvale Mill’s energy coming from this source. In fact, Australian Paper is Victoria’s largest industrial generator of base load renewable energy.

2011 Sustainability Report
Environment and social responsibility is critical to the success of Australian Paper. The Australian Paper 2011 Sustainability Report is a comprehensive analysis of our environmental, economic and social operations and outlines our sustainability commitments and performance.
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