Australian Paper has a long and proud history going back more than 140 years. Over that time we have invested millions of dollars to grow our business, streamline operations and maintain best practice in a changing world.
Our Vision

Wombat Small 1 1 Paper is a product that we all use every day, but there are many challenges facing Australian Paper. As many local manufacturing companies are finding, Australia’s strong currency continues to be a major obstacle to success. Imported products, many of which are produced to significantly lower environmental standards, are being helped by this situation. But we have committed to a future in which we continue to operate to the highest possible standards and we value the trust people have in our brands such as Reflex paper.

During these tough times, Australian Paper has developed a vision for the future of Australian paper manufacturing. We have named this vision The Wombat Vision in honour of one of our toughest, most adaptable and unique native species.

Supporting The Wombat Vision is our Future Fibre Strategy, which was announced in 2011. The Future Fibre Strategy will see the company source additional recycled and plantation fibre from commercially viable sources and at the same time continue to consult with our wide range of stakeholders to ensure that we can deliver the best, most balanced outcomes for a sustainable future.

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