A major recycling plant at Maryvale Mill in Victoria is part of Australian Paper’s Future Fibre Strategy.
Future Fibre Strategy Update

Australian Paper has announced a major $90 Million Recycling Plant at Victoria’s Maryvale Mill.

Australian Paper is the only Australian manufacturer of recycled office and printing paper and our recycled pulp has been previously sourced from a local supplier. With the recent closure of this facility, we are investing $90 Million in a major recycled pulp facility at our Maryvale Mill in the Latrobe Valley.

This plant will significantly increase our volumes of premium, Australian made, recycled paper. By value adding locally, it will also save large volumes of waste paper being dumped in local landfill or shipped overseas.

The Recycled Plant is part of Australian Paper’s Future Fibre Strategy, announced in 2011 after extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders. The Strategy includes increasing the amount of plantation and recycled fibre used by the company as well as sourcing wood from sustainable, certified sources including VicForests.

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Plantation Fibre Increase

The company has made significant progress in our plans to increase our use of plantation fibre.

After extensive trials, we have been able to increase our plantation supply yields. From the beginning of March 2012, we also began to take significant additional volumes from a new Victorian plantation supplier. Other local sources are also being investigated to bridge the resource gap. We are also looking carefully at the creation of new plantations close to our Maryvale Mill.