Paper manufacturing is a long term business with high capital investment. The decisions made now will drive our success in the future.
The Wombat Vision

Australian Paper recently launched a long term vision which recognises the importance of strong local manufacturing in Australian communities. Australian Paper is committed to building a thriving Australian business in a challenging environment. We have named this strategy The Wombat Vision in honour of one of our toughest, most adaptable and unique native species.

Our $90 million Maryvale recycled plant is a vital part of our Wombat Vision as we create new ways to add value to Australian society. You can also be an important part of our Wombat Vision by taking a stand for Australian jobs and recycled paper by signing our online pledge. By being part of our Wombat Vision you will be joining almost 1400 employees in Australia who form part of the Wombat team as we all work together to secure the future for an important Australian paper manufacturer.

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